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Trends Indicator for TradingView


A simple and elegant solution to the complex problem of identifying all the stages of a trend. The Quantum Trends indicator does just that – dynamically painting the trend on your chart, as it starts, ends or pauses. Helps you stay in a trend, removing emotions from your trading. And delivering two benefits in one.

And here’s another. You can personalise it to match your own trading style – better tools lead to consistent trading. Use it with the Quantum Trend Monitor, and apply a vice-like grip to the next trend on your chart.

One of the oldest maxims in trading is ‘let the trend be your friend’. You must have come across it. This is easier said than done. First, you have to identify one, then you have to stay in – not easy. Staying in a trend to maximize your profits is extremely difficult. In addition, how do you know when a trend has started?

It’s very easy to look back and identify the trend. Not so easy at the live edge of the market.

The Quantum Trends indicator is the ‘sister’ indicator of the Quantum Trend Monitor. Together they go hand in hand to keep you in and surfing the trend. The Quantum Trends catches the shorter-term trend, the Quantum Trend Monitor keeps you in for the longer term. A match made in heaven.

The Quantum Trends indicator paints a series of dots on the price chart as follows:

  • Bullish trend – blue
  • Bearish trend – red
  • Congestion – grey

Once a new trend starts, the dots change color dynamically, from blue to red or grey.

Contrary to what you may have read, currency markets spend more time in congestion, than they do trending. Congestion phases are the most important aspect of price action. This is where trends pause, die, or are reborn.

Now, you no longer need to guess if a new trend is starting. The Quantum Trends indicator will tell you, simply and clearly. When combined with the Quantum Trend Monitor, and trading in multiple timeframes, you will never again suffer from emotional trading decisions.

And of course, as with all Quantum indicators, there is always more. Again, the Quantum Trends indicator can be fine-tuned to match your own trading style. No two traders are the same. No two trading styles are the same. Strange then, most indicators are designed on the ‘one size fits all’ principle. Not with Quantum Trading.

The Quantum Trends indicator can be fine-tuned, giving you the right tools for the right job. If you prefer scalping, simply adjust the settings accordingly and increase the sensitivity. A precision tool for precision trading. If your approach is long term, perhaps swing or trend trading, simply adjust the control and decrease the sensitivity. It’s like the thermostat on your boiler. Choose your strategy, adjust your indicator, and prepare for a new trading experience!

The Quantum Trends indicator works in all timeframes.