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Quantum Trading Indicators Forex Package for TradingView

Original price was: $427.00.Current price is: $353.00.

The ultimate currency specific package. Get all five of these powerful indicators in one, and save yourself $74 at the same time! The primary currencies all revealed in charts and indicators.

  • Quantum Currency Strength Indicator (CSI)
  • Quantum USDX
  • Quantum JPYX
  • Quantum EURX
  • Quantum GBPX

A terrific package aimed at the forex trader. This package includes the Quantum Trading indicators for TradingView that are ‘must have’ tools for any forex trader, and once again offering a great saving on the list price of $74:

  • Quantum Currency Strength Indicator (CSI)
  • Quantum USDX (US Dollar currency index)
  • Quantum JPYX (Japanese Yen currency index)
  • Quantum EURX (Euro currency index)
  • Quantum GBPX (British Pound currency index)

The Forex Package gives you the tools to identify strength and weakness of the major currencies in forex and take advantage of them quickly, to get you into profitable trade opportunities…fast. Use the Currency Strength Indicator (CSI) to get a bird’s-eye view of the 8 major currencies: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar. The USDX, JPYX, EURX and GBPX indicators provide a different view, analyzing their respective currencies and confirming the signals of the CSI, or attached directly to your trading chart.

Together these indicators add strength and confidence to your trading decisions, and ultimately reduce the risk on every trade.