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JPYX Indicator for TradingView


Forecasting the direction of the Japanese yen has never been easy – until now! The Quantum JPYX indicator does just that – and all inside TradingView. Add one to your Yen currency chart today, and start trading the Yen pairs with confidence.

Many forex traders have either been told or have learned from painful experience, the Yen currency pairs can be dangerous and volatile to trade. The GBP/JPY is perhaps the most infamous and volatile of all. No wonder then, many forex traders simply stay away from the Yen pairs. They probably don’t have a clear idea of where the Yen itself is heading. If they did, trading the Yen pairs would be much more straightforward.

And this is where the Quantum JPYX indicator steps in. It’s been designed to give you the heads up on where the Japanese yen is heading next, against a basket of four currencies. The index is constructed using an equal weighting of 25% as follows:

  • Euro
  • US Dollar
  • Australian Dollar
  • New Zealand Dollar

Best of all, you can attach it to the bottom of your chart, and never have to leave your TradingView account. The indicator plots the strength and weakness of the yen as a candlestick chart in a separate indicator window when you attach it to the chart. In addition, there are two configurable simple moving averages to help with your analysis of the chart.

For an even more forensic view of the Yen, why not combine it with the Quantum Currency Strength Indicator? Now you can trade the Yen currency pairs with complete confidence!