Getting started

First, please make sure that your chart runs an instance of the QUANTUM DYNAMIC VOLATILITY indicator. Next, right-click your chart and select “Add Alert…” and a new window will popup. Please follow the settings in the screenshot below to define an alert that triggers when a signal is confirmed but you can customize the Message which will appear each time the alert is triggered. Click Create (or Save) to save your settings. You can find all your Alerts in the right hand side of your TradingView workspace when you click the Alerts button (alarm clock icon) at the menu.

Alert settings

Please make sure to follow all the settings below but feel free to customize the text in the Message field which will be displayed every time the alert is triggered.

  • Condition: (from left to right)
    • Quantum Dynamic Volatility
    • Volatility
    • Greater Than
    • Value
    • 0.0
  • Options: Once Per Bar Close
  • Expiration time: Open-ended
  • Alert Actions: Show Popup (you can choose other ways TradingView can notify you)

These are the basic settings to get you up to speed in setting up your very own alerts with the Dynamic Volatility indicator. Please refer to the page below for more in-depth information about creating and managing your own alerts on TradingView: